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February 28, 2013:


We're happy to announce that Bogart 5 is available.

The upgrade from any version 4 is $129. 

The upgrade from any version 3 or earlier is $249.

Here are the top 5 new features of Bogart 5:

1)      Compatible with Render Booster:
This combination of hardware (a USB stick with a special video processing accelerator chip) and software, dramatically accelerates the creation of Blu-ray disks and Video-DVDs, as well as the "save storyboard" function to disk or USB. 


For more info or to order:

2)      Save Storyboard is now much enhanced:
You can select the data rate of the target files (8Mbit to 32Mbit). This allows the user to save the storyboard in PC and internet compatible file formats without using the Media Manager.  You can select the data rate of the target files (8Mbit to 32Mbit). This allows the user to save the storyboard in PC and internet compatible file formats without using the Media Manager. The 8Mbit data rate is specifically well suited for YouTube-uploads, as the upload time is significantly shortened by creating smaller files. In addition to this, the “Save Storyboard” function now supports the Render Booster. New file formats are available when using the Booster (mp4). These formats are also compatible with Apple products, such as the iPhone or the IPad. Using the Render Booster, it is now possible to down convert HD storyboards into SD-mp4-files.


3)      Perfect Play:
No more stuttering, no more tearing lines in the middle of the screen.  Thanks to "Perfect Play," you can now experience your clips in full quality while editing.  No more interlace artifacting, but a perfect playback using the HDMI output.


4)      Interruption free import of long AVCHD footage:
Wedding/event videographers know the problem: AVCHD camcorders will split lengthy, continuous recordings into 2 GB parts - and a glitch is noticeable at the "seam" (both in video and in audio). Bogart 5 recognizes such breaks and reconnects the parts in a seamless fashion. Even recordings that go on over many hours can be edited without any issues.


5)      Audio Export in mp3 formats:
Previously, audio scenes could be exported only in the (uncompressed) WAV format - now, the popular mp3 format is also available. The Audio Import can not only import mp3 files, but now the additional Meta information (i.e. song title, artist) is supported as well.

 Here is the Bogart 5 manual:


Bogart 5 New Hardware & Software

Along with the release of Bogart 5, we are happy to announce the following items:

Shuttle TT - The TT is a shuttle (USB) input and control device that is especially useful to facilitate and accelerate your work when trimming and splitting.  Shuttle TT has 15 different buttons to navigate the various menus, as well as a jog wheel.  Requires  Bogaqrt 5.  Price: $199.

   Analog Audio Interface - This USB interface (Tascam US-100): allows the import of high quality audio from analog sources (turntable, tape recorder, microphone, etc.).  Requires Bogart 5.  Price: $199.

   Ultimate SpiceBox 2 - The new Ultimate Spice Box collection includes 200 graphic masks that cover symbols from a variety of themes.  Ultimate Spice Box 2 is Full HD capable and can be used on any system running Bogart 4 or higher. Price: $159.


NEW MACROSYSTEM PRODUCTS: compatible with the S-series and Bogart 5:

New hardware info or to order:



Shuttle-TT.jpeg    Shuttle-TT2.jpegTascam_US-100_Front.jpegTascam_US-100_back.jpeg




June 28, 2012

Bogart Install Tips & Considerations!

For those who want to upgrade or update your Bogart Operating System to Bogart 4.5c, so you can run the new Arabesk 5.4c BluRay or DVD Disc authoring SW, with chapter and menu creation; important SW to consider is the Bogart Hard Drive Back Up Software for $69. If you don't have Bogart Hard Drive Back-up SW, it is only $48 on the Club Casablanca sale that ends in June 2012. Not only does it save you from ever losing a hard drive and all the projects, but it also helps with the Bogart operating system installation. The best way to load Bogart is as an install, not an update. An update saves the projects, but is just temporary until you can afford to do a full install, which erases all projects. Bogart HD BU SW allows you to copy your entire internal hard drive to an external drive. Then after you do the full install, with a couple of clicks you can restore all your projects from the external HD to the internal HD, just as they were before. Also after a big day of editing, when  you are leaving for the evening, you can do a backup and sleep easier at night. You can even set the machine to shut down automatically after it is done.

If your internal hard drive space is not enough for you, there is also Store and Share Software for $99.This allows you unlimited external hard drives to edit on. Every hard drive you attach via the USB cable adds another 30 projects. Store N Share SW  is only $69 with the 30% off sale, which ends with June 2012.

I also recommend you get your external hard drives from us. Not only are they competitively priced with the 10% Club Discount, but they are properly formatted to plug and play with the Bogart OS. We format every hard drive for Bogart before we ship it out. All the off the shelf drives on the market are formatted for either Windows or the Mac, not Bogart. After a bunch of reformatting work and hair pulling, you may get them to work, but most likely you will only be using a small part of the drive. We know how to get the most out of them.

Also before doing a full  destructive install, I recommend backing up a couple of other things: With your USB hard drive or thumb drive attached, go into SETTINGS, select ARCHIVE, select BACKUP. If you have more than 1 USB storage device attached, you will need to select the one you want. After the full install, select RESTORE to reinstall the archive.

Also go into INSTALL PRODUCT in the SETTINGS menu, click on the USB symbol, and click EXPORT. If you have more than 1 USB storage device attached, you will need to select the one you want. This will save all your software license codes so you don't have to enter them again. After the install return to the USB symbol and this time select IMPORT. Do this first after the destructive full Bogart 4.5c install, and you won't have to type any SW codes. I would EXPORT your codes to about every USB thumb drive you have laying around. The really small file gives you redundancy, and ease of access when wondering what drive is it on.


June 22, 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that Arabesk 5.4c Blu Ray burning and authoring Software, with Chapters and Menus is available now from McNally’s for $139. If you are a Club Casablanca Member, it is only $125. You can join the Club now for $49 per year no mater how many editors you have. There is a plethora of other Club benefits. Since our new website is slowly progressing, I will use mostly MacroSystem links today, but everything I mention is available at McNally’s Plug and Play:

Arabesk 5 Info:


            Arabesk 5.4c requires Bogart version 4.5c, which is free to version 4 or higher users. For Bogart 3 users it would be $179, or $143 for Club Casablanca Members, or $125 for Club Members in June. For Bogart 2 or earlier users it would be $249, or $199 for CC Members, or $175 for Club Members in June. For most customers, these are the only two items of software you will need. However for those who purchased the entry level S-2000 or S-3000 without Pro Pack, for Blu Ray Chapters and Menus you will need Pro Pack, or what is now called the Gold Pack. The Gold Pack is $199, or $179 for CC Members, or $139 CC Members in June.  Here are the differences between the Gold and Silver Packs:

Here is all about Bogart 4.5c for Gold Pack and Silver Pack respectively:

Everybody gets the Gold Pack for free if they own Pro Pack. You may not realize it, but Pro Pack was included with all S4000’s, S4000Pro’s, S4100, and S6000’s. So we are only talking about S2000 and S3000 users who did not buy the optional Pro Pack on these two entry-level machines.


As usual you can download and burn the Bogart 4.5c DVD and Arabesk 5.4c CD here:

The Bogart DVD is almost 1 Gb, so no dial up for this puppy. If you haven’t burned an ISO disc before, you may want to get the discs free when you purchase the SW from McNally’s.


Here is a bunch of used gear; first come first served: 

1.     If you need a professional audio field mixer, look no further than this Shure FP24. Compact and easily portable gear is often preferred when recording audio in the field. The Shure FP24 delivers those attributes without sacrificing audio quality and flexibility. The FP24 features 2 transformer-balanced XLR mic inputs and XLR line outputs, providing quality signal while minimizing noise. Low-cut filters eliminate low frequency noise caused by rumble, hum, wind etc. Its built in Limiter prevents over modulation and unusable audio. In addition to the compact design, the FP24 is both AC and battery powered using standard AA alkaline batteries. This unit is new in the box, purchased for $855 from B&H, but we will low-ball it out of here for $449.

2.     Used Canon MA-100 Dual XLR adapter and shoulder pad for the XL1 and XL1s. Used to sell for hundreds, now just $59:

3.     Panasonic AG-DV1 portable compact Mini DV player/recorder deck. It records/plays analog, s-video, and DV and has a 3 and a half inch display that swivels all around. You can use the firewire connection to dub tapes. It is the size of a palmcorder, so you can plug in a lipstick camera and do some surveillance video. These sold new for $1499 back in 2002. They were not around long, because Panasonic found out pros were buying this instead of the much more expensive pro gear. It has battery, charger, ac adapter, manual, cables and connecters. The owner says he was disabled just after he bought this and never used it, and it looks new to me: $449.

4.     We have an assortment of Buyout Music CD’s. They may have been used, but they look new. They are by Music Bakery, Fresh Music, and Music 2 Hues; whose copyright free music CD’s sell for $99, $89, and $49 respectively. I have discounted them 65% down to $35, $31, and $20 a piece; plus $5 shipping. Or take further discounts and buy all 17 CD’s for $500 and free shipping. You can listen to all 17 hours at the links below. Call or email Gary at (360) 371-2103 or to order!


5.     I’ve got 2 Kodak Ektagraphic AF-1 Slide Projectors w/lens w/optisonics synchronizer speaker, sound-o-matic slide synchronizer, plus 3 extra bulbs, and both projectors in a hard case. Maybe for your own slide collection, or if you do slide transfers to video, these could come in handy for $100/ea.


6.     Samson Wireless Lavalier Body Pack VHF Channel 1 TX-3 transmitter MR-1 receiver system. Works great, and cosmetically pretty nice, only $199. Here are picture of this system:


7.     And last but not least is the famous Tascam Teac PortaStudio 246. Here is what it looks like:

And here is what they are saying in a forum about this classic audio recording and over dubbing system:

It works great, is in good shape, and is only $399 







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