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Hello Colleagues,

It is time for McNally’s Plug and Play annual March Madness Sale !!!!   

Our sale price is so low on the MacroSystem S6000 video editor, that we cannot display it publicly; so you will have to call Gary McNally at (360) 371-2103 for the low price.

            It is the perfect opportunity to buy the quickest editor on the planet. We have a client who does wholesale wedding edits for $500. You supply the footage and he edits one wedding per 8 hour day; and that includes the DVD master with menus.

            His income is dependent entirely on speed and quality, so he constantly tries other editing software. It never comes close to MacroSystem speed and quality.

He would quickly go out of business with Final Cut Pro, as it takes him 3 days to do a wedding. Very simple tasks on our system are very laborious with FCP. If you have a big Hollywood Movie budget, and tons of time, Final Cut may be the tool for you? If not, call Gary while supplies last, and save a ton of money and time!

Here is a link to more MacroSystem S6000 info:

In addition to the super low price, we also take trade-ins, and offer financing. To get these details, call Gary McNally at (360) 371-2103.


We refurbish and resell the trade-ins, and are so confident in their reliability that we warranty them for 6 months, and extend the warranties to 3 years for a reasonable fee.  We have a bunch of great deals starting at $749 for a MacroSystem turnkey system. It even has Smart Edit 9, which was $249 alone. We have a Renommee Plus with over $5000 worth of add-on software. We even have a 6 month old MacroSystem s6000 with $3000 worth of extra add-on software, for only $2999:


There is great news for 2013 Club Casablanca members! This year’s members receive 50% off one software title of their choice. I would recommend the $249 Bogart 5 or Smart Edit 9 operating system, as they would only be $124.50. Or much less if you are upgrading from Bogart 4, or SE8. Even if you are not a member, you could still join and take advantage of the savings:

You can click below to order Bogart 5.3 or Smart Edit 9.1:


The Render Booster should be off of back order in early April. Now is the time to get your order in before it sells out. It saves a ton of time, and you can read about it and order it here:


We are your one stop shop for everything Casablanca, and have been a Gold Star dealer since 1997. We service what we sell and know it well. When 9 GB SCSI Hard Drives for the Cassie Classic cost over $1000, we developed lower cost IDE HDD solutions. Today we have affordable custom storage systems that do about everything you could dream of.

You have probably heard of the MacroSystem Store n Share software that came out a couple of years ago. It allows for unlimited external hard drives, which can be swapped with unlimited MacroSystem’s with the $99 Store n Share Software. Each drive gives you an additional 2 Terabytes (2000 GB), and 30 new projects. And these are cheap off the shelf drives. Up to now Store n Share software had one drawback; you couldn’t back up your work. McNally’s PnP saw the need, and recently developed an inexpensive Store n Share back up system. Call Gary at (360) 371-2103, and we will ascertain what you have, what you need/want, and how little it will cost.

We even have a firewire interface system that will save storyboards, and allows migration of projects from Smart Edit machines to Bogart machines, and vice versa. Hard drive size, availability, and pricing vary, so this will have to be quoted by Gary too.

While we are on the subject of external hard drives, the Casablanca Expert Chet Davis has an excellent Webinar on the subject:

You have to be a member, but it only costs 35 cents a day, and this 24x7x365 Casablanca support is worth far more than 13 dollars a month. With 100’s of searchable how to files and webinars over the years, I don’t think anybody has ever asked for the full refund guarantee. I don’t get a cent from Chet, and I only recommend it because it is a tremendous resource, which has saved my bacon late at night more than a couple dozen times.


            2012 was a banner year for MacroSystem. I’m sure I will leave something out, but there were many new software programs and hardware introductions. This is my Top 9 with links to info and in some cases video:

1.       Bogart 5: It brought more features than the sales literature mentioned, and it allowed for new hardware accessories like:

2.       Render Booster, which also unlocked more Bogart 5 software features.

3.       Arabesk 5: Menus on Blu Rays Discs ( Bogart 4 up):

4.       External Blu Ray burner works on all Bogart 5 systems:

5.       Tascam US-100 works on all Bogart 5 systems:

6.       Shuttle TT works on all Bogart 5 systems:

7.       Slivers SW: up to 9 PIP’s quickly on B 3.6 up:

8.       Moving Border X on B 2.4c up:

9.       Moving Title Bax on B 2.4c up:


Quick and Easy Edits!

Gary McNally

McNally’s Plug & Play

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